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Introducing Perforce Insights and New Releases of P4D, P4V, Swarm, and Commons

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Posted 09 October 2013 - 06:58 PM

Here are October's product updates, available now from perforce.com/try.

Introducing Perforce Insights 2013.2
Understanding how your projects and teams are performing and whether
your code is becoming more stable is critical for high-performance teams
and high-quality deliverables. Insights reveals essential project information
from the Perforce versioning service—such as bug counts, job counts,
submits per branch, project stability and hot spots.

Download Perforce Insights | Release Notes

P4D 2013.2: Perforce Versioning Engine
We’ve outfitted the Perforce versioning engine with significant new replication
capabilities for improved user experience at remote sites—namely Edge and
Commit service configurations. Edge services localize client traffic to improve
scalability for large, remote teams. Move client activity to local Edge services
to offload your main Perforce service and improve your build and test
automation performance.

Download P4D 2013.2 | Release Notes

P4D 2013.3 Beta: Perforce Versioning Engine
This beta release of P4D contains significant performance improvements in
handling concurrent operations on a busy Perforce server by way of
“lockless reads”. Lockless reads enable developers to complete their version
management tasks faster without waiting for contending resources, thereby
increasing the rate of continuous integration.
NOTE: This beta release is not a drop-in-upgrade. It contains changes to the
Perforce server database and requires a restore from a checkpoint.

Download P4D 2013.3 Beta | Release Notes

Swarm 2013.2: Perforce Code Collaboration
We’ve added a new feature to Swarm, our code collaboration and review tool:
versioned reviews. See how a change evolved as a result of feedback from
reviewers; use a nifty slider to view older versions of the change made by the
author; and diff between two consecutive versions. And we have enhanced the
JIRA integration so you can track reviews and commits associated with a particular
ticket without leaving the JIRA system. Swarm now inserts commit and review
history into the particular JIRA ticket available in the JIRA system, enabling a
one-click navigation between JIRA and Swarm.

Download Swarm 2013.2 | Release Notes

P4V 2013.3: Perforce Visual Client
The latest release of our multiplatform graphical interface P4V delivers added
support for unshelving files into another branch or stream they were shelved
from. Unshelve directly from a parent stream, a non-parent stream, or a different
depot using branch mappings. Get local and global label support for Commit and
Edge services, as well as other feature enhancements and fixes.

Download P4V 2013.3 | Release Notes

Perforce Commons 2013.4: Document Collaboration
Commons is an intuitive document collaboration solution that helps everyone in
the enterprise—including non-technical staff—leverage the versioning capabilities
of Perforce. With Commons, your users can easily store and version content
(Word, PowerPoint, images, PDF, etc.) to the same repository as your development
teams. They can also easily share, compare, and merge versions of the content
without having to learn Perforce.

The 2013.4 release offers a streamlined layout with fewer steps to accomplish tasks,
and enhancements to File Valet that make it easier to merge Word documents. If you
want to get started quickly, create a Commons Cloud account and invite up to 20
members to join your Team.

Download Commons 2013.4 On-Premise | Release Notes

Activate a Commons Cloud Account- Free for Teams of 20 Users

Sign Up for Monthly Product Updates
You can sign up to receive monthly product updates by email in the
Communication Center.

Did you miss last month’s product update? No problem. Visit the monthly product updates
archive to see what was made available for downloading in previous months:

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