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swarm comments feature request

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#1 adrianstone



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Posted 17 November 2014 - 11:03 PM

We've been evaluating Swarm for about a month now and it is a great product but we have a few requests for how it could be improved:
  • In the reviews screen, there are many filters available, but it lacks the one filter that we'd find most useful.  There is no way to see only reviews that you are part of that you haven't voted up.  We often have lots of reviews in progress, and what people want to see is all the reviews they are part of that they haven't yet completed.  Even without the filter, there is no way to scan the list and see without clicking on each review whether it is still awaiting a vote from you.
  • It would be nice to have filters on the comments view.  We'd like filters for comments with unverified tasks, comments by the reviewer, and comments by the reviewee.
  • It would be nice to edit comments.  It drives people mad when they mistype a comment and can't correct it.
  • For post-commit reviews, it would be nice if adding committed changelists to the review expanded the list of files in the review rather than replacing it.  If you check in 3 files and start a post-commit review, then fix one of those files in response to comments and check that in, the review should show the modifications to the one file but not lose the changes to the other two files.


#2 oleg.gerovich



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Posted 19 November 2014 - 04:45 PM


I work on the same team with Adrian. I've collected some more requests that would help our Swarm usage:
  • Swarm leaves pending changelists with and without shelves in Perforce under swarm user. Is that required for Swarm functionality, especially empty changelists?

  • Right-click context menu in P4V to create review/upload to existing review.

  • Web UI should highlight entries that need to be read still and “Mark Read” instead of archive. Yellow color works well, but there could be an option for the color scheme.

  • Review should automatically be approved when required voters voted up. If the author uploads another change or anyone makes a comment, the review should go to “Needs Review” state.

  • Author should not be able to approve their own review.

  • P4Search integration (http://www.p4ideax.c...arch-with-swarm)

  • Show list of tasks (both outstanding and addressed, filterable by reporter). Each task should be a link to where it was opened (file, line, upload #).

  • Ability to redact own comment (cross out text). It’s important to distinguish this from “delete comment”. Sometimes it’s useful to see what the redacted comment was in case there are responses to it.

  • Ability to move a comment (or set of comments) to a different line.

  • Expand more code lines icon should be more obvious.

  • There should be an option to show comments in a side panel (a competitor’s tool has this). People misread code with comments intermingled and struggle to find the button to hide the comment. I want to be able to see both the code change and comment, but not intermingled.

  • Diff two versions (.. button) should allow the user to select any two dots, not just the neighboring ones, so one can do a diff between any uploads.

  • My Reviews filter should be on by default since most users should be interested in seeing reviews they are involved in (or add an option for this in user profile). This applies to both Opened and Closed tabs. Retrieval of review list should be when the user gets to a specific tab (no pre-fetching).

  • Webpage refresh is slow, including after filter button is pressed. Maybe due to images. Needs to be near-instantaneous.
  • If a comment is made at the end of the file, and the next upload removes a few lines, the comment does not seem to show up anywhere in the new revision. This is probably tied to how diff is made. The effect is that some comments/tasks might not be seen in newer uploads, so the review will go slower. A workaround might be to present comments at the end of the file in the new upload with some notation that line number where it was opened earlier no longer exists (and perhaps have a link to the original upload/line where the comment was made).
  • Files with binary+l (exclusive checkout) filetype do not appear in code reviews when marked for deletion/addition. It may be the same story for edit, but I did not check.
Thank you,

#3 P4Lester


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Posted 25 November 2014 - 11:15 PM

Oleg & Adrian,

Thanks for the feedback. They are all very good suggestions and we'll definitely capture them file enhancement requests on your behalf.

Oleg - I see that you have case opened with technical support - one of us will follow it up with you.

Happy Swarming!


I work for Perforce.
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#4 jerome



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Posted 18 March 2015 - 01:15 PM

Hi, we are also evaluating swarm and gathering feature requests from our developers.

Here's a list so far, I hope that it will help
  • Preventing approval of code review when a task is still opened, also re-open the review when a task is re-opened or created.
  • Reporting feature. This is critical for us, we are in a regulated environment and we are required to regularly produce a code review report of all submitted code (for a given job, for example) with all associated tasks.
    • Retrieve comments and tasks details through the REST API. Related to the above request, we started to work on a reporting tool and the REST API does not provide any hook to comments / tasks. Querying directly the perforce server appears to be kind of wrong for that.
  • Allow the developer to set a deadline for his review. When the deadline date approaches and the code review is still opened, a notification is sent.
  • Official support of Windows for swarm server. P4D is compatible with windows, we expect to have all the P4 ecosystem compatible as well.
  • Detach a changelist from a review. We have developers preferring post-commit reviews and they use the add-commit button to associate task-fixing changelists to the original review. When the wrong commit is select and added to a review, they are stuck.
  • Aggregate notifications. When a reviewer makes three comments in a row on the same file, three emails are sent out. That would be better to aggregate them by using a two-step comment creation (batch save) or some kind of periodic notification.
  • Delete and edit of comments, already mentioned in this thread
  • Syntax highlighting in diffs. The syntax highlighting is available when browsing files but disappears in diffs, can that be enabled ? That could be an option
  • Flag a review as important and be able to filter important reviews
  • The add commit button adds the submitted changelist as a new dot in the review timeline. This is quite confusing because it is different from a file update (re-shelving). That would be easier to spot if it was, for example another icon.
  • Clarify the voting feature. Developers approve or reject reviews, why would they need to up-vote or down-vote as well? This adds complexity and people are reluctant to have multiple required reviewers because they have trouble understanding it. Maybe having a configuration option to either go all up-vote (majority and required up-vote = approve) or all approve button would make it simpler.
  • A real TODO list so the user knows what is expected from him. Already mentioned in this thread. We can partially get that from the review tab by playing on filters but that ought to be more convenient and that does not take into account tasks.
  • Review comments not aligned with the code when a file is updated. Can the review comment or task be shown on the left pane of the diff to reduce this occurrence?
  • Threaded comments
And cosmetics or less important in our eyes:
  • Possibility to select multiple lines of code for a comment
  • Group review. Being able to assign a group of people to a review
  • Analytics reports. For example have knowledge of how many tasks are still open by project, review load by user or changelists that are not reviewed.
  • Ping a reviewer, similar to the deadline feature request.
  • We would love code navigation in swarm....
  • [Added 05/22] Attach files of documentation to a review, there is a documented way to do that but that doesn't seem to be doable from the web client
  • [Added 05/22] Diff between two non consecutive shelves, we can achieve that with /reviews/{id}/v{x},{y} but that it is not intuitive at all

#5 P4Matt


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Posted 19 March 2015 - 05:10 AM

Thank you for getting all of these requests to us! We'll get these filed; if and when they are implemented you will be notified via email. I'll also make sure the product manager sees this thread in case she has follow up questions.

#6 oleg.gerovich



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Posted 04 May 2016 - 05:47 PM

View Postoleg.gerovich, on 19 November 2014 - 04:45 PM, said:

Files with binary+l (exclusive checkout) filetype do not appear in code reviews when marked for deletion/addition. It may be the same story for edit, but I did not check.

We just had the same issue for text+l file with "edit". It seems like exclusive checkout is what's causing this.

#7 tlewis



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Posted 09 September 2016 - 06:28 PM

I think these are all great requests, and implementing some of them would really make Swarm a lot more usable, at least for our organization. In particular, I'd like to +1 the (hopefully simple) enhancement to add a filter which allows users to see all reviews with a state of needsReview that they are reviewers of. Currently the only way to sort-of achieve this is to visit
However, this returns all reviews you are associated with in any way (author, reviewer, @mentioned maybe?) rather than strictly ones you are a reviewer of.

#8 Paul



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Posted 12 October 2016 - 03:28 PM

View Postjerome, on 18 March 2015 - 01:15 PM, said:

  • Group review. Being able to assign a group of people to a review

This is an important feature that needs to be supported. For organizations with a large number of developers belonging to one or multiple groups, it'd be far easier to assign reviewers through groups that can be categorized rather than selecting reviewers one at a time. I hope this gets supported on P4V too.

View Postjerome, on 18 March 2015 - 01:15 PM, said:

  • Clarify the voting feature. Developers approve or reject reviews, why would they need to up-vote or down-vote as well? This adds complexity and people are reluctant to have multiple required reviewers because they have trouble understanding it. Maybe having a configuration option to either go all up-vote (majority and required up-vote = approve) or all approve button would make it simpler.

This got our whole team confused (I myself too) when I introduced Swarm to them. Review approval process needs to be further simplified. I'd suggest to provide the Swarm admins the option to disable manual toggling of review state and to automatically transition it to the desired state based on rules. The rules should be configurable by admins which can be based from the following inputs:
  • number of upvotes, downvotes, and stale votes
  • number of open and verified tasks
I'd reiterate more of Jerome's requests that I also feel very important:
  • Preventing approval of a review when a task is still open
  • Review deadlines; email notification sent when deadline date approaches
  • Detach a changelist from a review
  • Better code navigation features
  • Multi-line comments
  • TODO list pane on the review interface containing the summary of all tasks
Now a few requests of my own:
  • Toggable Blame feature for both versions of files being diffed - provides easier way to track changes made by whom
  • Straightforward way of generating avatars - can't it be as simple as clicking a web control through the user's profile page that will let him/her upload a picture from his/her local storage? We'd prefer not to couple our Swarm server with an external avatar service (due to internal IT policies) nor do some complicated setup on our own just to support a simple feature.
  • Delete reviews - to delete the dummy review requests generated when testing Swarm features. This option can be restricted to admins only.
  • Auto-suggest/autocomplete when using @mentions - lots of saved time as compared to either typing the whole username or copy-pasting it from some source which one still needs to look up (and hence would take time)
Swarm is a great collaboration tool, and I'd hope P4 folks would look into these requests to make it even better! :D

Edited by Paul, 12 October 2016 - 03:35 PM.

#9 umar96



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Posted 26 May 2020 - 05:42 PM

Any update on these? We would like these features!

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