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New Releases of Helix Versioning Engine, Git Fusion, Swarm, and Plugin for Unity; Helix Cloud Open Beta

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Posted 18 November 2015 - 06:41 PM

Here's what's new from Perforce in November.

P4D 2015.2 – DVCS, Streams and Performance Enhancements
The latest release of the Helix Versioning Engine (P4D) features enhancements to scalability, security, and performance. New functionality includes:
  • Enhanced DVCS features such as conflict resolution upon fetch, universal changelists for correlation across multiple personal servers, push/fetch triggers, C++ API support
  • Support for hierarchical depot paths, versioned specifiers, and import @label to simplify management of component versions for component-based development
  • Improved LDAP support, UTF8 Unicode handling and faster performance
  • Enhanced performance with replication cache, lockless labels, and read-only clients that minimize server storage for build farms

Download P4D 2015.2 | Release Notes
Git Fusion 2015.4 – Performance Improvements for Repos with Many Branches
The latest release of Git Fusion, our bidirectional connector between Helix Versioning Engine (P4D) and Git and the interface for Helix GitSwarm to the Helix repository, features performance improvements on fetch and on detecting changes on repos with a large number of branches. This release also includes beta support for Git Large File Storage (LFS), enabling users to create and manage Git repos that include references to large files stored in Helix or other compatible Git LFS asset stores outside of the Git repo structure.

Download Git Fusion 2015.4 | Release Notes

Helix Swarm 2015.3 – New Search Capabilities, Email and Other Feature Enhancements
The latest release of Swarm, our code review and collaboration solution for Helix repositories, includes the following new features:
  • New search feature: Enables users to quickly find users, projects and files
  • Batched comment notification: Reviewers can combine their comments into a single email notification
  • New Perl-based trigger for Windows: Now all of the features of the Unix trigger are available on Windows
  • Updated Helix extension for PHP: This improves SSL compatibility and brings the latest P4API changes to Swarm
Download Swarm 2015.3 | Release Notes

Helix Insights 2015.2 – Supports Latest Version of Helix Versioning Engine
The latest release of Insights, our analytics solution that presents vital information about how projects, codelines, and teams are performing, supports P4D 2015.2.

Download Insights 2015.2 | Release Notes

Helix Plugin for Unity 2015.3 – Usability and Performance Improvements
The latest release of P4Connect enables system administrators to easily set Helix Versioning Engine (P4D) typemaps, which specify file extensions and formats that correspond to specific files. P4Connect also now enables asynchronous status requests, enabling users to do other tasks instead of having to wait for request completion. Additionally, usability improvements allow double-clicks on directories and quick clicks between them.

Download P4Connect 2015.3 | Release Notes

Helix Cloud Now in Open Beta – Sign Up Now
Helix Cloud is our hosted cloud collaboration platform that enables software developers, artists, designers and product managers to collaborate on amazing products.
  • Collaborate with your team: Share links, comment on files, lock files, subscribe to files to receive notifications and notify team members through @mentions
  • Everyone in the project gets to see the activity on all files
  • Easily drag and drop entire folder directories as well as individual files
Project owners can store and share files with 5 additional members and own 2 projects, with 5GB of maximum storage for each project. There’s no server to set-up, no administrative burden—just sign up and you’re ready to go.

Puppet – New Module in Perforce Workshop
This Puppet module manages the configuration of a Helix Versioning Engine with the Perforce SDP.

Puppet Project in Perforce Workshop

Nuendo 7 Integration from Steinberg
Nuendo 7, a leader in audio-to-picture work, is now seamlessly integrated with the Helix Versioning Engine (P4D). Any changes made to a Nuendo 7 project are automatically monitored in the background. Nuendo 7 provides a comprehensive set of dedicated capabilities for the game audio, TV, and film industries.

Download Nuendo 7 | Features

Perforce Maintenance Support Policy Update – Effective January 1, 2016
Beginning January 1, 2016, our standard Maintenance Support practice will be to provide patches for Severity A bugs for…
  • Server Products: The latest server releases and earlier server products for two years after their initial availability
  • Desktop and Web Apps: Latest releases and earlier releases for one year after their initial availability
Customers also have the option of paying additional fees to extend maintenance support for a specific Perforce server product release by as much as 2 additional years or a specific Perforce desktop or web app for 1 additional year.
Please note that the availability of our Technical Support teams to assist customers, regardless of product version, will remain unchanged.

Please upgrade to our latest product releases regularly to take full advantage of our ongoing innovations and to ensure you are always on a supported release.

See End of Life dates for your version of Perforce.

Professional Services – End-of Year Opportunities for Success with Perforce
To help new and existing customers standardize on Perforce before 2016, we’ve introduced end-of-year promotions combining our products and services. Choose from our consulting starter pack, training, system or security audit promotion packages. Buy before December 31 to take advantage of these limited-time offers. Consulting services must be delivered before March 31, 2016.

Get more details and sign up for these offers here.

Sign Up for Monthly Product Updates
You can sign up to receive monthly product updates by email in the Communication Center.

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