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Slack Integration for Swarm

Slack Swarm

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#1 rtande



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Posted 06 March 2016 - 02:13 AM

I'm trying the Slack integration for Swarm and I think I have everything setup correctly. I'm using the instructions from https://swarm.worksh...software-slack/ but I'm not seeing anything in the Slack channel that I've created to receive updates from Swarm.

I've done the following

- copied across the files mentioned in the instructions to the relevant locations in my Swarm install
- changed the file permissions on the files and directories to ensure that they are writeable and executable as required
- set up the webhook in my Slack channel
- copied that webhook into the settings for the Swarm project that I'm using

I don't see any error messages in my Swarm error log or any POSTs from Swarm to the Slack webhook URL in my Swarm access log.

Any help or pointers gratefully accepted.


#2 trask



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Posted 26 September 2016 - 06:32 PM

What ever came of this?  I am having the exact same behavior (which is to say: no messages or errors of any kind either in Slack or Swarm logs).  I'm running Swarm 2016.1 and just pulled the Slack module files this morning.

I see some related chatter here: https://swarm.worksh...000478#comments

Any tips to diagnose or fix this issue would be appreciated.

#3 P4Paul



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Posted 30 September 2016 - 12:19 PM

The webhook uses HTTPS and Swarm might be rejecting Slack's Certificate.  You can either ignore all cert checks (sslverifypeer=false) or specify the CA path location and add the cert if needed.  I would turn up the logging and then submit/shelve a change for review to trigger Slack.  Here is a snippet from my config file:

	return array(
	   'log' => array(
		  'priority'  => 6, // 7 for max, defaults to 3
	   'http_client_options' => array(
		  'sslverifypeer'	 => false,
		  'timeout'		   => 5,
		  'sslcapath'		 => '/etc/ssl/certs',
		  'sslallowselfsigned'	=> true,

#4 trask



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Posted 04 October 2016 - 07:13 PM

Hi Paul,Thanks for the update.  That's helped me make some progress.  I'm having two issues but I think it's best to focus on one at a time right now.  The main issue seems to be in the Module.php code for the plugin here:
 $impacted = Project::getAffectedByChange($change, $p4Admin); if ($impacted) { $logger->info("Slack: impacted..."); $projects = Project::fetchAll(array(Project::FETCH_BY_IDS => array_keys($impacted)), $p4Admin); foreach ($projects as $projectId => $project) { $logger->info("Slack: impacted: $projectId"); // URL to POST messages to Slack $enabled = $project->slack['enabled']; $url = $project->slack['url']; // Skip projects with no Slack URL if(!$enabled || !isset($url) || trim($url)==='') { $logger->info("Slack: Slack webook disabled or empty url"); continue;
(I added the logging line "webhook disable or empty url")  It ends up that none of that data is filled out.  I assume the "$project->slack" call isn't returning anything.  My PHP debugging skills are pretty non-existant so I'm not sure where to go from here.  Trying to get logging output of "$project->slack" causes the web server to never load Swarm.I've also verified that my project seems to be getting it's settings correctly by dialing up the logging to "7".  


2016-10-04T20:56:47+02:00 DEBUG (7): P4 (00000000541c179400007ff510b8c71f) start command: counter -u swarm-project-dashing {"slack":{"enabled":true,"url":"https:\/\/hooks.slack.com\/services\/XXXXX9U4R\/B2G3GXXXX\/YZ1GXXXXXXSdlkIjMsxxxxx"},"name":"Dashing","description":"Dashing is a NERD day project which allows you to create interesting dashboard widgits.","owners":["joe","schmoe"],"branches":[{"id":"master","name":"MASTER","paths":["\/\/asdf\/etc\/Dashing\/MASTER\/..."],"moderators":[]}],"jobview":"","emailFlags":{"change_email_project_users":"0","review_email_project_members":"0"},"tests":{"enabled":false,"url":"http:\/\/\/job\/test\/job\/swarm-test\/review\/build?status={status}\u0026review={review}\u0026change={change}\u0026pass={pass}\u0026fail={fail}","postBody":"","postFormat":"URL"},"deploy":{"enabled":false,"url":""},"deleted":null,"private":null}2016-10-04T20:56:47+02:00 DEBUG (7): P4 (00000000541c179400007ff510b8c71f) sta
I'm not sure where to go from here.  I could probably learn to debug PHP more but I given this is low priority I've probably spent too much time as it is...

#5 trask



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Posted 05 October 2016 - 07:54 PM

For the record: the problem was I was using an old development branch instead of the "official" Slack module from here:


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