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Multiple Review Rounds Instructions


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#1 MrScott



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Posted 12 July 2016 - 11:16 PM


I'm a new Swarm user and would appreciate clarification of how multiple rounds of reviews / multiple review cycles are intended to be held.  I have not found this material in the instructions to date.  I would appreciate knowing the intended usage.

  • How are multiple rounds of reviews intended to be held?  

    Suppose that e.g. files are shelved in Changelist and submitted for review, Review Id = 124.  Reviewers add comments requesting changes and the owner edits files in response, either previously edited or new to this changelist.  These new changes are to be reviewed again (review round N).

    Am I correct in thinking that the owner should add the changed files to the existing changelist (123), shelve them, then launch another review round from the existing changelist, rather than start a new review?

  • If adding to the existing changelist, please confirm that shelving new file changes into the same changelist will not overwrite the records of the previous review, and that the previous review record will remain accessible.

  • After a review is approved and submitted in Swarm, I still see the reviewed changelist in my P4V "Pending" tab.  What exactly should "Submit" in Swarm do to the changelist?

    When I right-click on the now-reviewed changelist, I see "View Pending Changelist '<Id>', seemingly indicating that this is a pending (not submitted) changelist.  However, a revision graph of a file shows that the file was submitted.

    When I attempt to submit the Changelist as-is (with files shelved for review), unsurprisingly I get a "Pending changelist <Id> contains shelved files and cannot be submitted" popup.  

    I would like to be clear on whether to:
    A.  avoid submitting via Swarm, as this leaves an 'orphaned' changelist in P4V.  Instead, unshelve the file(s) and submit the changelist in P4V, resolving as required.  The file versions shelved for review will remain in the review record.  Or:
    B.  delete the changelist, as those files were already submitted via Swarm (the revision graph shows that the files were indeed submitted).  Or:
    C.  submit via Swarm, then clean up the 'orphaned' changelist in P4V via updating and resolving files

  • The above is perhaps made more complex by permissions.  Some developers have permissions to check into their personal branches but not Main.

    Suppose that Fred submits files in Changelist 123, Review Id = 124, in their stream (StreamA) and workspace (WorkA).  A Moderator accepts Fred's changes and submits the changes (to StreamA?) via Swarm.  This will apparently leave a "pending" changelist in their workspace.

    Perhaps either:
    A.  Fred unshelves and submits the changes to his workspace (which takes the changelist out of "Pending"), then the Moderator may perform a separate merge to Main.  Or:
    B.  Fred should delete the changelist, as those files were already submitted via Swarm (the revision graph shows that the files were indeed submitted).  Or:
    C.  the Moderator submits via Swarm, then Fred cleans up the 'orphaned' changelist in P4V via updating and resolving files.
Thank you,
Mr. Scott

#2 rhummer


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Posted 18 July 2016 - 05:46 PM

#1 & #2: You can just update the existing review.  The Swarm UI will update to show you how many times a review has been updated and let you click through the revisions to compare them.  Since the user will have to update the existing shelve this means any previous changes are obviously lost.

Here is an example of a review updated multiple times on the P4 Workshop Swarm instance: https://swarm.worksh...m/reviews/19827

I can't respond to the other questions as I don't have the Submit option enabled on my Swarm instance.
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#3 MrScott



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Posted 21 July 2016 - 04:59 PM

@rhummer, thanks!
Given that it's possible to click through and diff the revisions, I'm guessing that "any previous changes are obviously lost" refers to direct file copies.

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