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P4VS File Diff Bug

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 06:29 PM


I’ve run into a bug with P4VS and didn’t quite know where to log it. Hopefully this reaches the right ears.

We use an external diff tool (Beyond Compare) and have it set up in P4VS and P4V. It works perfectly in P4V, but P4VS can’t seem to diff more than one file at a time. It appears that the “C:\Users\{CurrentUser}\AppData\Local\Temp\vstmp(1).tmp” file doesn’t properly get created if it already exists. Diff-ing one file works great, but the second time you diff, P4VS tells Beyond Compare to look for a “vstmp(2).tmp” file, which doesn’t exist. Feels like something about P4VS’s diff isn’t properly handling what happens when vstmp(1).tmp exists and should create vstmp(2).tmp instead. Again, this works with P4V, but P4V appears to use a different file/directory entirely.

Repro Steps:
  • P4VS to use an external diff tool. (Tools ->Options->Source Control->Perforce – Diff/Merge -> Set ”Other Application” to something like Beyond Compare and use arguments “%1 %2”)
  • to a P4 repo and open a solution.
  • two source files.
  • File1
  • the “Diff against have revision” button
  • that “C:\Users\{CurrentUser}\AppData\Local\Temp\vstmp(1).tmp” exists, and that the diff properly opens and compares against this file.
  • not close this Beyond Compare window.
  • back to Visual Studio and select File2
  • the “Diff against have revision” button (With the original window still open)
  • that the diff did not properly load C:\Users\{CurrentUser}\AppData\Local\Temp\vstmp(2).tmp”
  • that C:\Users\{CurrentUser}\AppData\Local\Temp\vstmp(2).tmp” doesn’t exist, while vstmp(1).tmp does.

Do the same steps in P4V and confirm that it works.

Expected Behavior:
P4VS should create and compare against vstmp(N + 1).tmp if vstmp(1). already exists.
Note: P4VS appears to send the correct file name to the comparison tool, but fails to create the new file.

Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise x64
Visual Studio Professional 2015, Update 2 : Version 14.0.25123.00
P4VS Version: 2016.2.147.9832
P4V Version: Rev. P4V/NTX64/2017.1/1491634
Diff Tool: Beyond Compare 64 Bit, Version 4.1.9 Build 21719

Please let me know if there’s any more information I can provide.


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