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Another computer connecting to p4 server ( which is on my own computer ) doesn't work.

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 12:14 AM

Hi, everyone ~ I may have a question about how to connect to my local computer server through a different computer if anyone knows some answer would be very helpful!
I have used perforce while I was in school, the p4 was all set up by school so I really didn't need to worry about how to set up the server and how to let different clients connect to the server. After I finished my school, now I'm trying to do a small 3D project with another person. So I downloaded Helix engine and visual client, followed the youtube installation and installed the server and the client on my own computer. So my own computer is the server, and the other person installed the client on his computer. Now we are trying to let him gain access to my computer ( the server ) so he will be able to upload, check in and check out files through the server. I set the server name as : localhost: 1666 during the installation process. I also added him as a user through my Admin window. After he installed the client and trying to connect to the server (localhost:1666), he couldn't gain access. The error message showed up as:
Perforce client error:
   Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT.
   TCP connect to perforce:1666 failed.
I know there must be something I didn't set up right for the p4port? I wonder how I can set the p4 port so he can connect to my computer ( the server ). I'd appreciate any help step-by-step on this. Thank you :)

-- Jasmine

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 07:15 PM

Have you ever set up a web server, a game server, or anything like that?  If so, setting up a Perforce server is very similar.  If not, you might need to spend a little time learning networking basics -- I'd suggest maybe this article as a way to at least get familiar with some terminology.

"localhost" (the same as the IP address always means the current computer, so if the other person sets his client's P4PORT as "localhost:1666", it means his client is trying to connect to a server on his machine (on port 1666).  Since your client is on the same computer as the server, "localhost:1666" works fine for you, but this won't work for anyone else; it's like trying to call someone else by dialing your own phone number.

Based on the error message, he did not actually configure his client to connect to "localhost:1666", he's trying to connect to "perforce:1666" (this is the default).  If you have DNS set up such that the hostname "perforce" points to your computer's IP, this will work; otherwise you'll get an error.  If you're new to this I'd recommend that rather than try to figure out how to set up DNS you just have him use your IP (xxx.xx.xx.xxx:1666), which you might be able to get by running "ipconfig" on your machine.

You didn't say how your network is set up -- are you both connected to the same local network, are you trying to do some sort of VPN thing, do you have an external static IP that he's connecting to directly, etc?  For him to be able to connect his client to your server there needs to be some way for his machine to be able to talk to your machine.

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