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how to edit or test p4 integrate files locally prior to submit?


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Posted 13 June 2017 - 01:53 PM

I created a branch from mainline of several directories and files using a branch spec.     Over several weeks I modified many files across the branched tree of source.   I integrated all changes from mailine down to the branch and resolved any conflicts.  

Now I need to integrate from the branch up to mainline.

I must do this one or two directories at a time.  I must verify each changelist locally in mainline prior to submitting to the server.  We are concerned about breaking the production build....

In p4v I select "Merge/Integrate.." from the context menu and reverse the arrow so the branch spec points to main (left) and click the Merge button.  The gui generate this command

p4 integrate -r -b MyBranchSpec -s //Dev/Branches/MyBranch/SourceCode1/...

however I dont see my files in my local copy of mainline.  The changed files are in some temp location


I need those files in


so I can locally build, and verify the change and run unit tests IN MAINLINE on my local copy.

I do not want to submit this change list to the server yet since it may break the build. I need to get it change working locally  int C\DEV\MAIN\SourceCode1 folder, BEFORE to submitting to the server.

I could just check out the file in main to the workspace on my local hardrdive and then manually copy the files between the local branch and the local main.   But then I will lose integration history.

Is there a perforce "way"

integrate from branch to main
do local test and maybe edits
integrate local main to server

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Posted 13 June 2017 - 02:34 PM

Nevermind.  I solved it here.   I had un committed changes in the branch.  That was creating a incorrect situation in main

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