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Assigning reviews to projects

review project

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#1 JykaL



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Posted 15 September 2017 - 06:38 AM

I have some difficulties to understand how reviews are tied to projects.

I have a project that contains a branch. When a review is started by adding #review into the description of a pending changes list (and files are shelved), it seems to go to the correct project.

If there is a pending change list with shelved files and the review is started from Swarm GUI with ‘ Request Review’ the review stays ‘standalone’ and there seems to be no way adding a project to that review. The project is needed to set up moderators for the review.

So how are the project supposed to be used?

Let say there are two (or more) projects with same branch but they would have different moderators. How it is controlled to which project it would added to? Or is this even possible?

#2 P4Martin



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Posted 15 September 2017 - 03:11 PM

Hi there JykaL,

Reviews are tied to files in the depot, the files that have been modified by this change.  Files in the depot are related to branches defined as part of Projects in Swarm.
The link between the Review and the Project is done through this route.

It is possible to have branches in 2 or more projects that contain the same depot path - in this case, a review would show up related to all projects associated through branches to that depot path.

If multiple of these branches have moderators, things might get a little complicated as to who can or must approve the review, but you should think carefully about what you actually want in this sort of case.

If you have a depot path  //depot/componentX/...  which is included as part of projectA and projectB, then who do you want to be moderating reviews on code that will affect both projects?

Not sure that helps!


#3 JykaL



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Posted 18 September 2017 - 08:48 AM

Thanks Martin,

Maybe a little bit more background for what I’m trying to understand/solve.

In our business, we must make sure that every change(list) has been reviewed (this might come up in an audit some later time). I started looking Helix Swarm and noticed that with projects it can be controlled (at least) who can approve reviews and commit changes to a branch through projects.

So in Helix Swarm there doesn’t seem to be (obvious) way of defining to which project a review should go to. No even when you request a review through Swarm GUI for a pending changelist which files are in the depot path of the project. The problem is that the review without a project won’t then have any moderators and anyone can approve it.

Only way seems to be to attach project to a review is to start it from P4 with #review tag when shelving files. If for some reason, it would not go to a correct project it cannot be modified/fixed afterwards.

The thinking behind multiple Projects with same branch was that there are many teams working with the same branch having responsibility on different parameters, thus, each team would have they own responsible persons doing the approvals. Using projects would have been a nice way to define moderators for each team.

In our case, it would have also been helpful if a review would inherit all the reviewers automatically from the project because in our case the same reviewers are (almost always) mandatory. What are the members in a project used for anyway?
With all this I’m just trying to figure out what kind of review process we should have.

Miscellaneous questions:
If a changelist would also contain files that reside outside of the branch (depot path) defined for a project or there is also another project with a depot path where these ‘extra’ files in the changelist would match to. What would happen?
I do know that this should be avoided but there always is a person that might not realize what he/she is doing.


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