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P4VS issues: Untested Windows Version, keyboard shortcuts, checkout dialog

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 04:18 AM

While using P4VS (in VS2017), I've come across many issues.

I just installed the latest P4V (2017.3/1592764) and P4VS (2017.2.159.319) hoping I had a bad install or that some of these would be fixed in a new version.

Untested version window
When using Time Lapse View or Revision Graph, a windows command window is opened with the text "Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!" and the path is to C:\program files\perforce\p4vc.exe. The date on p4vc.exe is 20 Nov 2017 which matches the 2017.3 version, so everything is up to date. Windows 10 was released 2.5 years ago and is officially supported, so the text is strange.

Ok, so the issues:
  • The "Untested version" window ends up covering the code I am working on.
  • The "Untested version" window doesn't go away once Time Lapse view is loaded.
  • The "Untested version" window still doesn't go away once Time Lapse view is closed!!
Checkout Dialog
Modifying a file results in a dialog asking the user to checkout the file. But this dialog has several issues. The main problem: it makes the user take their hands off the keyboard and context switch, slowing them down.
  • This dialog cannot be canceled by pressing ESC like any normal dialog could be.
  • The default focus is on the "select pending changelist" field, BUT there is no visual indication that this dropdown is focused.
  • There is no default button to take on ENTER. This should be "Checkout the file". (but it should also look like a default button)
  • There are no keyboard accelerator shortcuts for the three options on the bottom (ie, Alt+Underlined letter)
  • Finally, the tab order is incorrect (the two checkboxes are backwards)
File History Dialog
The File History (Right Click File/Tab->Revisions->Show History) dialog has several issues that makes it a pain to use.
  • The list of revisions is collapsed by default. If I am viewing revision history for a single file (ie, from right click) why is this collapsed? I have to expand it every time, just auto-expand this by default. Or make the window a single-file
    • Suggestion 1: When there is a single file in the file history window, auto-expand revisions
    • Suggestion 2: When this window is opened for a single file (ie, via right click) auto-expand revisions
    • Question: I'm not sure why this dialog supports multiple files in the first place.
  • The interface to diff versions is different than other perforce apps.
    • You cannot select two revisions and press CTRL+D to diff
    • You cannot select two revisions and right click "Diff Selected"
    • I have had to explain to several people that you have to drag one revision on top of another to diff. Not intuitive.
    • Double clicking a revision doesn't view the revision
  • The keyboard can't be used to navigate revisions properly. Pressing up/down in this list results in the keyboard focus switching to the Filetype field(?).
  • Viewing a revision (right click -> View Revision) displays the code with the built-in viewer and a variable width font. Code should be shown in a fixed width font.
When you add all of these up, it makes for a grief-inducing experience. What can be done to improve the user experience?

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