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VS2017 with P4VS against a personal server


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#1 BigBear



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Posted 25 January 2018 - 10:53 PM


I’m using the free version of Perforce and I’m trying to use VS2017 Professional with the latest P4VS plugin against a personal server.

P4 info against the personal server:

User name: frode
Client name: frode-dvcs-1516914425
Client root: c:\Temp\p4test
Client stream: //stream/main
Current directory: c:\Temp\p4test
Peer address: unknown
Client address: unknown
Server address: personal server created by 'init'
Server root: c:\Temp\p4test\.p4root
Server date: 2018/01/25 13:26:28 -0800 Pacific Standard Time
Server uptime: 00:00:00
Server version: P4D/NTX64/2017.2/1579154 (2017/10/12)
ServerID: frode-dvcs-1516914425
Server services: local
Server license: none
Case Handling: sensitive

P4VS version (2017.2.159.319)

I have tried to connect using the connection dialog and I have tried to connect using environment variables.

Using the connection dialog, I have tried to specify the port as

rsh:p4d.exe -i -J off -r "$configdir\.p4root"


rsh:p4d.exe -i -J off -r "C:\Temp\p4test\.p4root"

and when using environment variables I create a shortcut with "start in" set to the root of the workspace (C:\Temp\p4test)

The end result is always the same. Visual Studio hangs indefinitely and I have to kill the process

My question is:

Is this supposed to be working, or is a personal server not yet supported by P4VS?


#2 P4Jen


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 11:31 AM

Hi Frode,

Currently P4VS does not support working with a DVCS (personal) server.

However you may wish to try giving your local server a port and IP address, or using 'localhost' instead.

From the P4VS release notes:
          Performance issues may occur when connecting to a locally hosted
          server and using localhost in the server field for the
          connection. To avoid this, use the IP address of the machine or

Hope this helps,

#3 BigBear



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Posted 29 January 2018 - 05:14 PM

Thanks. I can do that.

Should I start the server with journaling set to off?

E.g:  p4d -d -r .\.p4root -J off -p 2666

Is there a risk that interacting with the DVCS(personal) server on the command line through rsh:p4d might interfere with the port (2666) based instance of the server?

Is support for DVCS (personal) server on the roadmap for P4VS?

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