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Basic read-write workflow steps for Unity projects and P4V.

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 07:55 PM

Hello !

I'm a total newbie with Perforce and unfortunately I'm having a hard time trying to understand the basic process of manually adding and retrieving multiple files with P4V on a Unity project. My problem is as follows:

I'm currently working in Unity with a team of 4 people and each of us is adding assets to the project (3D models, animations, scripts and so on). When I want to add my changes to the depot,I right-click on the whole Unity project folder and select "Mark for add" and then "submit". I know that there's something wrong with this approach because when I get the latest revision my project is broken ("pink" 3D models in the scene). It's important to note that when I did this, there was already a project in the depo. I don't know what went wrong in here.

After that incident, I deleted the whole Unity project from the depot and replaced it with a version I knew it was working and started again to add assets to the Unity project, This time, instead of "marking for add" the whole project, I "marked for add" only the assets I created. But then, I remembered that Unity automatically creates .meta files so my thought was "marking for add" those meta files as well. This baffles me because I need to take note on each and every asset I add as well as any files unity creates automatically, which will invariably lead to myself forgetting to add something in the future.

I stumbled upon the following thread (the user is having a similar problem) and the user describes a hypothetical "workflow" using "reconcile":


I added the new SDK without removing the old one, found that it was not writable, so I assumed that obviously it was not technically part of the project to perforce, so i reconciled the changes. It takes awhile, but I guess the time it takes is more front loaded when you're adding a bunch of stuff. Does that sound like the right way to go about things? Add folders, reconcile, work on stuff? Delete folders, reconcile, work on stuff?

The user mentions: Add folders, reconcile, work on stuff ? Delete folders, reconcile, work on stuff. Is this a recommended "workflow" ??

Is it possible for someone to explain what may be a basic workflow in Unity (and in general) so that I can follow it without risking the integrity of the project I'm working on ?? I have a theory but I don't know if it's correct:
  • I'm first getting the latest revision from the depot
  • In my local workspace, I check out the Unity scene I'll be working on (in order to remove the read-only status of the file. Is this correct ? Do I have to check-out every file I'll be working on, besides the Unity scene, including the meta files ?)
  • In my local workspace, I reconcile the whole project (in order to scan differences between local and remote files)
  • Work on the project and reconcile the whole project. Work and reconcile, work and reconcile...
Is this somehow correct ?? Could someone explain a basic workflow with some explanations ?

I'll immensely appreciate your help

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