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I'm unable to sync text file types from my Linux Perforce server.

linux p4v typemap server centos

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Posted 08 June 2019 - 03:32 AM

Hi, I have a bit of a strange problem. I have a Linux (CentOS) sever and I'm unable to sync text files (txt,ini, etc) from my server to either Windows versions of P4V. Binaries work fine though.

I have a working server on a Windows 10 workstation that works fine but I decided to set up a Linux server on a dedicated Linux box. I've set up a server on fresh installs of both Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7 and both times I'm getting the same problem. It seems the actual server is running fine and I can add files via Windows P4V (even text files) to the depot over the network but when it comes to bringing them down on another Windows PC through P4V, the connection drops if the depot contains even 1 text file. Even adding a text file from the Linux server itself and trying to bring it down on my Windows machine causes the connection to drop in P4V.

I can quickly reconnect so its not the actual server going down or anything and it doesn't drop on the other concurrency connected PC.

The strange thing is, if I remove all of the text files from my project and leave just the binary files, everything works fine!. Another strange thing is that if I change my type map to treat '.ini' and other text based files as binaries instead of text, everything works fine too. If I set my typemap to treat everything as a binary, everything works, but even one text file in the depot makes the connection drop with this error.

'read: SSL_read encountered an EOF.: unknown network error 0'

Even on a non-SSL based server, I have the same problem. A connection drop but with a slightly different error telling me the connection has ended unexpectedly. I have this exact same set up on my Windows 10 workstation server with the same type map and that one works flawlessly.

I have read that Linux, Mac OS and Windows have different 'line ending' methods per this link.

https://community.pe.../s/article/3096       (CR/LF Issues and Text Line-endings)

Is there something I need to do on the Linux side to get this to work? I've tried every combination of line ending in my workspace spec sheet (Win, Mac, Unix, Shared) to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas besides setting my type map to treat every file as a binary. (That works but its not really ideal!)

Thanks for any help!

Here's a copy of my typemap.

binary+w //depot/....exe
binary+w //depot/....dll
binary+w //depot/....lib
binary+w //depot/....app
binary+w //depot/....dylib
binary+w //depot/....stub
binary+w //depot/....ipa
binary //depot/....bmp
text //depot/....ini
text //depot/....config
text //depot/....cpp
text //depot/....h
text //depot/....c
text //depot/....cs
text //depot/....m
text //depot/....mm
text //depot/....py
binary+l //depot/....uasset
binary+l //depot/....umap
binary+l //depot/....upk
binary+l //depot/....udk

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Posted 26 June 2019 - 07:46 PM

Try to sync from a command line client.  What error do you see?

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