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Perforce (AWZ Server Lightsail Windows Instance) - Unreal Engine Source Control - Move Perforce Depot

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Posted 31 May 2020 - 02:21 PM

I'll give a bit of a background as to the setup we have and why. Currently myself and a friend want to collaborate on an Unreal Engine Project. To do this I've set up an Amazon Lightsail Instance with Windows Server running. I've then installed Perforce onto this Server and added two users. Both of us are able to connect to this server from our local machines (great I thought!). Our goal was to attach two 'virtual' disks of 32gb to this server via Lightsails Storage option. I've formatted these discs and they are detected as Disk D and E on the Server. Our goal was to have two depots, one on Disk E and one on Disk D, the reason for this being the C disk was only 20gb (12gb Free after Windows).

I have tried multiple things (not got much hair left after this) to try and map the depots created to each HDD but have had little success and need your wisdom!

I've followed both the process indicated in this support guide (https://community.pe.../s/article/2559) via CMD as well as changing the depot storage location in P4Admin on the Server via RDP to the virtual disks D and E respectively. Example change is from //UE_WIP/... to D:/UE_WIP/... (I have create a folder UE_WIP and UE_LIVE on each HDD).

When I open up P4V on my local machine I'm able to happily connect (as per screenshot) and set workstation to my local machine (detects both depots). This is when we're getting stuck. I then open up a new unreal engine file and save the unreal engine file to the the following local directory E:/DELETE/Perforce/Test/ and open up source control (See image 04). This is great, it detects the workspace and all is connecting to the server.

When I click submit to source control I get the following 'Failed Checking Source Control' when I try adding via P4V manually marking the new content folder for add I get the following 'file(s) not in client view.

All we want is the ability to send an Unreal Engine up to either the WIP Drive Depot or the Live Drive Depot. To resolve this does it require: Two different workstations (one set up for LIVE and one for WIP) Do we need to add some local folders to our directory? E:/DELETE/Perforce/UE_WIP & E:/DELETE/Perforce/UE_LIVE? Do we need to tweak something on the Perforce Server? Do we need to tweak something in Unreal Engine?

Any and all help would be massively appreciated.



https://imgur.com/a/aaMPTvI - Image gallery of issues

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