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Can you mirror repos from github?

09 May 2018 - 03:30 PM

I have a request to mirror a few dozen repos from github as the majority of our users cannot access the internet. Is this a bad idea as it will translate everything to perforce commits? Anybody done this successfully?

No link to Jenkins jobs when running tests and deployments?

17 April 2018 - 04:28 AM

Am I missing anything here, or does Swarm not link to Jenkins jobs when it fires a build? No in progress status icon or anything?

Anyone have a way to preview p4 protect updates outside of the P4V admin tool?

01 April 2018 - 09:44 PM

Does anyone know of any existing tooling that lets a user preview changes to the p4 protects table? Ideally, you feed the tool/script the relevant protect lines and it generates a list of all paths and files a user can view. I know the P4V admin tool has this functionality, but I need to allow users who own delegated repo paths to be able to get a preview of what changes would make to any users permissions to their delegated path(s).

I'm pretty sure this would be easy to do using the same logic listed in this article - https://www.perforce...nistration-tool

The hard part (in my mind anyway) is actually applying the list of rules to a set of files outputted from p4 files or any other list of files. I don't fully understand how the p4 protects table checks actually work... multiple times I've had lines I've applied end up not working or having unintended consequences. So, I guess clarity on this would really be key.

Any ideas and/or input is greatly appreciated.

Complex ACLs, any Pros or Cons of moving task streams to a task stream depot?

21 March 2018 - 07:21 PM

We have a somewhat unique setup where we have very fine grained ACLs that need to be applied across all streams, so our protect table has a lot of wild cards in it to apply ACLs across newly created streams.

For example, our protect table would look something look this, but at a much larger scale:

write user jill * //depot/project/*/bar/some/fine/grained/path/file.txt
=write user jill * -//depot/project/main/bar/some/fine/grained/path/file.txt
write user bob * //depot/project/*/bar/some/fine/grained/path/...
=write user bob * - //depot/project/main/bar/some/fine/grained/path/..
read user rick * //depot/project/*/bar/some/fine/grained/path/file.txt
write user sam * //depot/project/foo/*/...
=write user same * -//depot/project/foo/main/...
write user carl * //depot/project/...
write user bill * //depot/project/...

With ACLs this complex, I think it may be a good idea to move all task streams to another repo in order to avoid having wild cards search all task streams. I could also just make all task streams blanket locked down to the user who created them.

Or, would I be better off leaving the task streams in the stream path under the same path as the rest of the streams?

Outside of the pro of removing task streams from the p4 file tree (they stick around post delete, weird...) are there any other major pros/cons to moving the task streams to a task stream depot? Any reason you would or wouldn't move them with our ACL model?

write user jill * //depot/project/*/bar/some/fine/grained/path/file.txt