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In Topic: swarm-trigger.pl -t shelvedel on windows creates new child process every second

Yesterday, 05:25 PM

In the swarm.shelvedel trigger definition, can you try hard coding the server version in the -s argument (whatever "p4 info" reports for server version, without a patch so for example like "2018.1"), and also putting the -d argument at the end

For example (modifying for your own trigger script and perl.exe locations):

swarm.shelvedel shelve-delete //... "%quote%C:\Strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe%quote% %quote%C:\P4Triggers\Swarm\triggers\swarm-trigger.pl%quote% -t shelvedel -v %change% -w %client% -u %user% -s 2018.1 -a %quote%%argsQuoted%%quote% -d %quote%%clientcwd%%quote%"

In certain cases it looks like the -d arg that should contain just the clientcwd can slurp up all the rest of the args and leave the -s (server version) empty (as well as -a argsQuoted).

In Topic: Feature request: word wrap

13 February 2020 - 09:42 AM


Just to let you know the feature request has been logged internally.

Many thanks for the suggestion.


In Topic: Swarm installation help - reading but not using config.php file?

10 February 2020 - 05:03 PM

Just to help clarify the above comments:

The default behaviour as of Swarm 2019.2 is that changes to config.php are not automatically detected in production (non-development) mode , unless you edit  'config_cache_enabled' => false in the /opt/perforce/swarm/config/application.config.php file (for performance reasons you probably want to leave that as 'true' so the config file is cached). If you are using development mode which  uses /opt/perforce/swarm/config/development.config.php  then the default setting is 'config_cache_enabled' => false (hence why Matt's changes were detected right away) .

When the config is cached (so 'config_cache_enabled' => true,'), to detect up changes to config.php you can either:

1. Reload the config cache using the following api call:

curl -u "username:password" -X DELETE "https://swarm-server...9/cache/config/"

This is mentioned as follows in the release notes

#1780656 (Bugs #98158, #98159)

We now cache the config.php file, this is for performance

purposes. This does mean that if you tweak the config.php you will

need to clear the cache using the new API that clears the config

cache. This is a "DELETE" method only endpoint.


Note if you have security level 3 or higher you need to use a ticket value in the call rather than a password (see the Server security levels section in the Core Server Administrator Guide).

2. Delete the *cache.php files in /opt/perforce/swarm/data/cache. The api call method above is a convenience to clear it without having to be on the Swarm machine.

In Topic: Bypass dialog during p4vc diff

06 March 2019 - 10:51 AM

I don't believe you can. While the Invoking P4V from the command line article concerns invoking p4v directly rather than using p4vc, it does state the following for the diffdialogue:

Only the diff dialog is displayed -- the diff is not performed until the user clicks the "Diff" button