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P4API.Net Use P4CONFIG for Connection

21 September 2019 - 11:21 AM

Using the P4API.Net, it seems like the only way to open a connection is to create a Server object which requires the address and details of the server.

I'm using a setup that heavily relies on using P4CONFIG to define the current server/client/etc. setup to use to make it easy to switch between projects by simply updating the P4CONFIG each time.

Is there any way to achieve this with the API without having to manually process P4CONFIG?

Client View Has Unexpected Entries

05 November 2018 - 05:31 PM

I have a problem with Perforce not considering certain folders to belong in my client view, which should be there.

The setup is roughly as follows:

    [base Mainline Stream]
    [code Virtual Stream child of base with `share ...`]

Workspace `my_workspace` is set to `code` with `share ...`.

Neither the streams nor the workspace has any additional exlude/ignore/share/import/etc. entries in the view.

`p4 client -o` shows the view as:
//MyDepot/base/... //my_workspace/...

However, `p4 where` shows:
    //MyDepot/base/... //my_workspace/... C:\project
    -//MyDepot/base/some_dir/... //my_workspace/some_dir/... C:\project\some_dir\...
-//MyDepot/base/some_dir2/... //my_workspace/some_dir2/... C:\project\some_dir2\...
-//MyDepot/base/some_dir3/... //my_workspace/some_dir3/... C:\project\some_dir3\...

Using the same stream from someone else's workspace works fine, and there's nothing changed in the workspace itself - so I suspect the issue is a stale cache somewhere on my PC, but I haven't managed to find it.