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P4VS prompts to save VS solution every time.

10 July 2018 - 07:40 AM

Hello guys,

I installed the P4VS extension from NuGet. After that, I managed to connect to a Perforce Depot and a Workplace. Every time I open my VS solution (.sln) I get prompted to connect. I connect successfully and everything works. What is bothering me is that every time I close my Visual Studio I get prompted to save my solution as if I have modified it. No matter what option I select (Save, Don't save) the next time I open and later close the solution I get prompted to save again. It seems that the .sln file is not modified at all. This can be troublesome because my workflow involves a lot of opening/closing my solution. Put that aside and there is a bigger issue. This means that I can potentially save a .sln change I made by mistake and I wouldn't even know. Perhaps something in my configuration is wrong. I have a .p4ignore file that ignores the solution file, but nothing I did solves the issue. It seems that the .sln file does not have a read-only flag. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm using Visual Studio 2017 community.

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