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Check locations of files in the Perforce depot

14 May 2019 - 08:33 AM


We have several p4.protect files on different locations in the depots. I am looking for a command that will give me the locations of these p4.protect files but only if they contain account X. I will rename the account X to XX with command p4 rename user. After the account rename, I will change the account X to XX in all the p4.protect files.

Is there a command Perforce with which I can get this information?

Ldap authentication turned on Domain account keeps locking

05 April 2019 - 09:56 AM


When I turn on ldap authentication for one particular Peforce account, the domain account is immediately locked.
After unlocking the domain account, it is locked again, but now after 2 minutes.
Where on the Perforce server can I check for sessions running under this account? Are there logs I can check?

I hope my question is clear :rolleyes:

Perforce LDAP integration

26 February 2019 - 09:21 AM


We are going to use LDAP authentication in Perforce. We have set out the following steps that we will take in our upcoming maintenance weekend. We are not actually sure if this approach is good enough.
  • The server security level will be raised to 3. (P4 configure set security=3)

  • p4 ldap config1
    Name: config1
    Host: ADServer1
    Port: 636Encryption: ssl
    BindMethod: sasl
    Options: nodowncase nogetattrs norealminusername
    SearchScope: subtree
    GroupSearchScope: subtree
    p4 ldap config2
    Name: config2


    Port: 636
    Encryption: ssl
    BindMethod: sasl
    Options: nodowncase nogetattrs norealminusername
    SearchScope: subtree
    GroupSearchScope: subtree

  • We will test the authentication
    (p4 ldap -t username config1)

    (p4 ldap -t username config2)

  • We will set configurables
    (P4 configure set auth.ldap.order.1=config1)

    (P4 configure set auth.ldap.order.1=config2)

Do we have to use the command p4 configure set auth.default.method=ldap? We want to change the authentication method for users in phases, and not with a bing bang (everyone at the same time). Is this even possible?

How to check for weak passwords

31 January 2019 - 02:35 PM


I would like to know how I can determine which Perforce account uses a weak password?
We haven't applied password complexity rules (yet). We are finally switching over to authenticating with LDAP.
One of the first steps I want to do is determine which passwords are weak before I raise the server security level.
Do you know which command I can use to check if the password is weak?

Thanks in advance

p4 command for last access to workspace

07 January 2019 - 04:14 PM


I have searched and have not found a command that returns all workspaces owned by certain user that have been accessed in 2018.
I use two commands I use in Windows:
  • p4 clients -u <user>, this tells me which workspaces are owned by an user. I use the outcome for the next command
  • p4 client -o | findstr/b "Access:", this tells me when the workspaces owned by the user were last accessed.

How can I combine both commands that returns the names of the workspaces owned by user X, with a last accessed date before 2018, or 2017, or any particular date?

Thanks in advance.