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New Perforce Ubuntu server won't start

05 February 2019 - 03:03 PM

Hi Everyone :)
This is my first time posting here, using perforce, and using Linux so please be gentle :D

I've been trying to set up a P4D server on my Ubuntu station for a while now so me and my team can try using PF instead of GIT, but even after Following the instalation step by step, and and searching on google for days, I keep getting this error whenever I use "p4d" to start the server:

Perforce server error:
    Listen :1666 failed.
    TCP listen on :1666 failed.
    bind: Address already in use

Does anyone know how to fix this? atm nobody can connect :/ I've tried setting different ports, and IPs, but nothing works. I'm very sure there isn't actually another process running on that adress and I even tried setting other adresses.

Here is my p4 info:

User name: super
Client name: server-game
Client host: server-game
Client unknown.
Current directory: /home/dave
Peer address:
Client address:
Server address: localhost:1666
Server root: /opt/perforce/servers/master/root
Server date: 2019/02/05 15:56:48 +0100 CET
Server uptime: 15:50:53
Server version: P4D/LINUX26X86_64/2018.2/1751184 (2019/01/21)
ServerID: master
Server services: commit-server
Server license: none
Case Handling: sensitive

Thanks in advance! :)