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Perforce Fingerprint Required dialog

19 July 2019 - 06:49 PM

This is a minor bug to report. Not sure where to report it. I've tried to report bugs directly to Perforce but they cite as I'm not a paying customer they won't accept the bug report and to post here.

In either case, I recently purged a bunch of keys/cleaned up my KnownHosts  from my .ssh folder. And as expected, the next time I logged in the P4V, I got a warning about fingerprints. I've attached an image of it. This is version 2018 August 06 Rev. P4V/MACOSX1013X86_64/2018.2/1687764

My complaint on it is it makes it look like it's a hack/fake.

"The fingerprint send by the server" should be "The fingerprint sent by the server".

I realize it sound picayune, but given this is Perforce, one would hope parts like this don't make it look like the app has been compromised.

It would also be nice in this case for the warning to change. At this point, there was never an associated fingerprint since I deleted it from the KnownHosts files. The message is slightly misleading by indicating "does not match the fingerprint you previously trusted".

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