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p4 submit should not chown

09 January 2020 - 12:40 PM

I'm tracking different files in my root filesystem, that are owned by different users.
For universal access I'm just running the p4 command as root.

The client is like

Client: project

Update: 2019/12/11 14:20:10

Access: 2020/01/09 09:57:32

Owner: Me

Host: project

Created by me

Root: /

Options: allwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime normdir

SubmitOptions: leaveunchanged+reopen

LineEnd: local

//CFG/rootfs/style.css //project/mnt/data/htdocs/style.css
//CFG/rootfs/nginx.conf //project/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
//CFG/rootfs/fstab //project/etc/fstab

The files are of type (text+kw). Because I only want to track explicit files, I don't use the .p4ignore or p4 reconcile yet and have single client lines for each file. That works.
The only issue is that after p4 submit, the file belongs to root:root which often is not desired as the files are belonging to different users originally. This breaks processes writing to those files if not belonging to their user anymore...

How can I prevent p4 submit from doing a chown? I just know +w or +x to keep specific chmod flags or keep the original mtime, but there is no +u for instance to keep the original user.

I could drop the +reopen and use the reconcile (especially the features p4 edit inside, because there won't be a p4 add done by reconcile if the client has a restricted file set only.
Any idea?