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In Topic: swarm commit: Fatal client error; disconnecting!

08 January 2020 - 12:29 PM

we have encountered the same error, what is odd this error shows only for one specific user. Earlier this user had no problems with submits from swarm, but since few days ago he is no longer able to do them. Every time same errors appears:

Command failed: Fatal client error; disconnecting!
Execution Failed: p4 -p -C utf8 -u ######### -c swarm-341333ae-5598-b88f-6ec6-37b601f94805 -P F31D8D30BEAFE2C31B34A0921FB8787C transmit -t11508 -b8 -r: No such file or directory

Perforce server version: P4D/NTX64/2019.2/1897966 (2019/12/16)
Swarm server version: SWARM/2019.3/1886340 (2019/11/20)

P4 swarm log:


Did you find any solution for this problem?

Problem reoccurred when other user unshleved this change and request review. Same error at submit pops out. However, when the shelve was divided into parts, and each part was requested for review, the submit from swarm worked...

In Topic: No files to submit error when wildcard is used in the stream paths

29 July 2019 - 11:56 AM

Removing the "exclude ..." from virtual stream spec works. Now every file from client root folder can be submitted with no errors. So "exclude ..." and "share *" cannot be included both in stream spec. Thanks.

In Topic: No files to submit error when wildcard is used in the stream paths

26 July 2019 - 08:51 AM

Specs for development stream:
Stream: //TESTSTREAM/development

Update: 2019/01/03 13:19:06

Access: 2019/01/03 13:19:06

Owner:  robot.obibok

Name:   development

Parent: //TESTSTREAM/mainline

Type:   development

		Created by robot.obibok.

Options:		allsubmit unlocked toparent fromparent mergedown

		share ...

Specs for path_test stream:

Stream: //TESTSTREAM/path_test									   
Update: 2019/07/24 15:44:01										  
Access: 2019/07/24 15:41:30										  
Owner:  robot.obibok												 
Name:   path_test													
Parent: //TESTSTREAM/development									 
Type:   virtual													  
		Created by robot.obibok.									 
Options:		allsubmit unlocked notoparent nofromparent mergedown 
		exclude ...												  
		share sources/*											  
		share *						   

My client spec:

Client: robot.obibok_IDK300-1064_path_test_542

Update: 2019/07/24 15:44:08

Access: 2019/07/26 09:53:09

Owner:  robot.obibok

Host:   IDK300-1064

		Created by robot.obibok.

Root:   D:\P4_workspace\robot.obibok_IDK300-1064_path_test_542

Options:		noallwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime normdir

SubmitOptions:  submitunchanged

LineEnd:		local

Stream: //TESTSTREAM/path_test

		-//TESTSTREAM/development/... //robot.obibok_IDK300-1064_path_test_542/...
		//TESTSTREAM/development/%%1 //robot.obibok_IDK300-1064_path_test_542/%%1
		//TESTSTREAM/development/sources/%%1 //robot.obibok_IDK300-1064_path_test_542/sources/%%1