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merge problem - it wants to merge two files with completely different paths/names?

22 January 2020 - 07:06 PM

We're trying to update our Unreal source build to a new version.  When setting up a merge/integrate files between a parent/child stream, it gives us a list of files to resolve.  The first couple of files in the list have completely different path and file names from the files it wants to resolve with.  Why would that happen?  Why would it think it needs to resolve one with with a completely different file?  Is that a bug or is there some way that can actually happen?

It seems to be failing to do the resolves, also.  If we mark a few other files to 'accept source' for example, it pretends to do it but then comes back with the same entire list of files.  It doesn't seem to change.

Anyone recognize this behavior?  It is preventing us from being able to merge this new update...

Does p4.exe wait until finished before returning?

02 August 2019 - 07:09 PM


  I have a batch script which calls edit on a bunch of binary files, then compiles them, and then reverts the unchanged files before submitting. I keep getting this problem where all, or most, of the files are submitted even though they are unchanged.

It doesn't seem to happen if I pause in the debugger between the revert and the submit.  That leads me to wonder if somehow the revert process is returning before it is actually finished, and then the submit is submitting a bunch of files that should have been reverted.
Could that be happening?  Or does the command line revert not return until it is totally finished?