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Package did not load correctly (another one)

05 August 2019 - 05:57 PM

Everytime I open a solution I get the error Attached File  p4vscrash.png   5.85K   21 downloads. See xml file: Attached File  ActivityLog.txt   69.34K   13 downloads. Note I'm using VS2017 (15.9.3)

I think this started after I had to kill my VisualStudio because it became unresponsive (5mn+) trying to display the asm view while debugging C++ (should be unrelated to p4vs I guess). It was working well before.

At first I was completely blocked as I had this message as soon as opening VisualStudio. Trying to uninstall/reinstall P4vS didn't solve the problem and the whole plugin was nonfunctional (I use it mostly/only for the auto-checkout on edit).

After a whole VisualStudio Repair, things are a bit better as the error pops on solution opening, but I seem to be able to work after that (auto-checkout on edit seems to work). But I fear it's because I'm using the old VS2P4 plugin now (not sure how I got it, either from P4VS install, or from our own deployment setup install). In fact I cannot select P4VS in the SourceControl options (it causes the popup above).

If you had some clues as how I could repair or clean some cache files somewhere or something...