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Swarm Module to send review notifications on Discord or Slack

08 September 2020 - 02:57 PM

Hi everybody,

I have developed a swarm module so the main review events are sent as messages to a Discord channel.
There was already one on github, and a tutorial on how to create a very similar Slack module, but it was outdated after Swarm 1.9 as it is now based on Zend framework 3.

The module is available at https://github.com/d...rmDiscordModule I hope it can be useful for some of you.
It filters most of the events to keep only the ones I found relevant : review creation or updates, comments and change of status (needs revision, approved, rejected, ...)
Adapting it to send notifications by other means than Discord should be easy, another github user already forked my repository to adapt it to Slack.