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How to revert check-in, keeping changes locally?

03 December 2019 - 08:00 AM

With PV4,
how would I achieve the following:

Start situation: Checked-out file with latest revision + local changes.

Wanted: "Revert" (i.e. don't have the file checked out), but keeping the local changes (locally only, obviously)
Same situation as if the file had never been checked out, but offline changes had been made.

How to do an forced "merged - Get Latest" with files not checked-out?

11 November 2019 - 08:59 AM

For different reasons, our software department has set perforce up such that we generally do not check-out files automatically.
Instead, people work with files having the <x> flag set and use "reconcile offline work" whenever they are ready to check-in their local work.

This generally works, but we run into issue when the following situation arises:

- Person A works locally on the files (i.e. the local files are modified, but not checked-out), so it has f.e. revision #3 + local changes
- The file on the depot gets a new revision #4
- Person A does a "Get latest" on the file.
Perforce now refuses to update the file with the "can't update modified file" error/warning.

How can I force a "Get Latest" update with automated merge-action (and potential prompt for manual merge if there are conflicts), without checking the file out?

i.e. I want to perform the action on my locally changed files, but I do not want to have the final file checked out, nor do I want to check the merged file into the depot.
I just want to have my local modified file but based on the "latest revision".

I guess a different way to ask the question is: How can I do a "Merge latest revision" operation rather than a "Get latest revision" ?

Side info: The workspace is set to "not clobber" and the "Force operation" option is not helpful, because I do not want to replace my local file with the revision, but merge my local file with the latest revision.

Can I set a "not" filter ?

11 October 2019 - 07:29 AM

When filtering down entries in the submitted changelist view (but also elsewhere) there is a convenient way to filter entries by workspace and user with drop-downs.
However, I've the situation that I want to see all submitted lists except from a specific user, because we have an automated system which submits some minor changes prior every automated build.

Is there a way to specify a "all-but-this-user" filter easily? Or, alternatively: Set a filter and "invert it" ?

If not, that's a definite feature request!

How do I get rid of no-longer valid drop-menu entries?

30 September 2019 - 08:09 AM

In the Merge/Integrate dialog of P4V and "Use branch mapping" I have a drop-down for the various previously used Branch mappings.
However, not all of those entries still exist, as some branch-mappings were deleted from Perforce.
Nevertheless, they are still listed in the drop-menu.

How can I clean-out these obsolete entries?

Searching for starting point in documention on Jobs / HelixALM issues

30 September 2019 - 06:56 AM

New to Perforce, I'm still a bit lost in the various documentation files and would hope that somebody could point me to a good starting point:

Having both HelixALM and P4(V), how does one build up a system that each issue of HelixALM automatically becomes a Job in P4 ?

Is there some tutorial or instruction documentation for this ( I believe rather regular ) task?