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Why do files end up with open records of pending integrations even after resolve shows...

29 June 2020 - 08:09 AM

Assume the there is a donor project (projectD) and a receiver project (projectR)
Files have been integrated from projectD into projectR as -

sc integrate <projectD>/... <projectR>/...
sc resolve -at //Accept everything that has come from projectD

sc resolve -n //... check whether there is anything to resolve in projectR

Now, some of the files will need to have some custom changes that come from a shelf.

So in projectR the user does -
sc unshelve -s <shelf> //This should open up the files for edit and and overwrite the integration with changes from the shelf.
sc revert -a //... //Revert any unchanged files in projectR

Again check that there is nothing to resolve and submits it...(Clxxx)

To cross-check that everything is clean, the user in a new client refreshes the WA (which includes the changes he submitted earlier) and re-unshelves the same shelf..

The files that were unshelved are reported as "pending integration"?
And the changes from the shelf are missing in projectR.

In the sequence of operations above, why would this happen?
After-all resolve reported everything was clean...

Is the method to override the some of the integration with changes from the shelf the issue...?
What is wrong here...


Tracing revision history of shelve

29 June 2020 - 07:40 AM

Is there a way to track the revision history of a shelf create by another user such as - when it was last updated and what the changes to the shelf were?
Sometimes, a shelf is provided by a user to be unshelved and used. Subsequently the shelf may have been updated by the provider (add/delete files)

Does the p4 server maintain revision history of a shelf?


Why does p4 describe on a shelf show "no files" while unshelving the same shelf...

25 June 2020 - 06:51 PM

Imagine you have a shelf <Shelve#> with N number of files part of the shelf.

User uses p4 describe to list all the files in the shelf as -
sc describe -s <Shelve#>

The output shows the description but no files in the shelf.
Change <Shelve#> by <USER> on <DATE> <TIME> *pending*
Affected files ...

Notice that there are no "-m" switches being used to restrict the number of files.

But if the user unshelves the same Shelve# ends up with a bunch of files...

Why is p4 describe not listing all the files in the shelf.

Thanks in advance
- V

Questions on p4 branch spec syntax

17 June 2020 - 06:03 PM

A few clarifictions on the file syntax of spec file created using p4 branch...

1) How can a user user add comment lines in the branch spec (Other then the description field)

I tried adding a few comments to a branch spec using a leading "#" character.
When you save it the branch spec and open it back the user comments had been removed by the tool.
I had assumed that any leading "#" would be a user comment. But looks like it is not..

2) Any shorthand notation for mapping
The branch spec seems to have the following donor-to-receiver mapping syntax

//projects/proj1/dir1/dir2/... //projects/proj2/dir1/dir2/...

If you notice in the example above, the LHS which is the donor project path is necessary
But the RHS side can be inferred (when not specified)
But the tool requires you to specify both mandatorily...

Is there a shorthand notation to avoid writing receiver side map (assuming that the directory structure is the same...)

I could not easily locate the syntax of the "specification file" in the document...
Hence these questions...

Thanks for the help

Listing files that have been edited after integration

11 June 2020 - 05:52 AM

Suppose the user has "integrateD = (integrate+resolved)" files from a donor project.
The user has not yet submitted the files.
A selected set (non-trivial number) of integrated files were p4 edited and modified to meet receiver project requirements.

Is there a easy way to list out all files that were p4 edited in receiver project.

Right now, I am using a combination of sc opened piped into a sequence of grep commands ..

Looking for a simpler more robust solution to list locally modified post integrated files.

Thanks in advance