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In Topic: Issues with C++ API

15 September 2020 - 02:11 PM

Thanks again.  Looks like there's nothing more recent than 2018-2?

In Topic: Issues with C++ API

14 September 2020 - 04:10 AM

That's great, but I can't seem to find the source for the C++ p4api.  Could you point me in the right direction?

In Topic: What to do with shelved files when review is complete

28 May 2020 - 08:31 PM

How do I diagnose cleanup failure?  I submitted a change from within Swarm, checking the 'cleanup' checkbox.  The change was submitted successfully but my original CL is still pending.  I checked the swarm logs in swarm/data/log and didn't see anything for the time period in question (default verbosity).