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Modify integrated moved/renamed file prior to submission

22 June 2020 - 02:56 PM

Hi folks,

I have a perforce question for you, which I have not been able to find the answer to on google yet, so I thought I would ask you :)

If I rename a file in p4v, p4v shows a file delete and a new file added.  If I modify the text of the new file and then shelve the files, all appears to work correctly.  P4v proceeds without incident with the shelve operation.

However, if I integrate a CL that has a file rename/move and then I modify the new file and then after that try to shelve the files, p4v reports that it cannot proceed because the file has been tampered with.  There does not appear to be a way, within p4v, to mark the new file as being in the edit state?...perhaps I need to try to use the command line?  Any ideas?

[Btw, in between the original integration of the CL that contains the file move/rename, I think I integrated another changelist after that, which also updated the new file, and then I made my manual edits.  Although I am not sure that this extra information is relevant.  Adding just in case it is.]

Thanks :)

Search->Go To->Changelist

19 June 2020 - 09:12 AM

Hello hive mind,

I find this function (Search->Go To->Changelist) to be very useful.  A colleague can give me a changelist number and I can quickly see the changes that were made.  I can right-click on an individual file and there's lots of options, including merge/integrate.  However, I cannot seem to select all the files in the changelist (CTRL + A does nothing, similarly SHIFT mouse click/select).  Therefore I cannot merge/integrate all the files easily in one step?  Is there something I am doing wrong?  The UI allows me to integrate each file one-by-one.  However this is not such a useful feature.

I am guessing that I am doing something wrong? :)