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Errors upgrading a Ubuntu P4 server

26 July 2020 - 05:00 AM

Hi everyone,
I'm a fledgling P4 user running a small Ubuntu-based P4 server.
After recently dealing with an issue of SLL certificates from 2018 (an ordeal in itself) I thought it would be a great idea to update my Ubuntu system, because everything on it was equally out of date. What I didn't realize until the server started giving WSAECONNREFUSED errors again, is that updating perforce seems to be a quite serious and quite involved process not solved with just a simple apt-get.

With no checkpoints established, no good backup to go back to, and no clear process forward- I'm wondering how badly I've messed up the whole server, and potentially the projects therein.

If there's hope yet, here are the status of the current setup.
  • We've been able to solve an issue where running p4d & gave an error:


    Database is at old upgrade level 29. Use 'p4d -r /root -xu' to upgrade to level 36
    Now it simply seems to hang in the console and never really start.
  • Based off https://www.perforce...er.install.html, we've tried to run sudo /opt/perforce/sbin/configure-helix-p4d.sh as root. The script gets started but stumbles a few lines in:


    Please provide the following details about your desired Perforce environment:

    Perforce Service name [master]:
    Perforce Server address (P4PORT) [ssl:1666]:

    Configuring p4d service 'master' with the information you specified...

    FATAL: Need to be logged in as a superuser to perform this operation
Additional info:
  • The P4V client will give the following error if there's an attempt to connect via SSL:


    SSL connect to ssl:yadayada:1666 failed (The operation completed successfully. ).
    Remove SSL protocol prefix from P4PORT or fix the TLS settings.
    Attempting to connect without SSL gives invalid user errors.
  • The server will not accept most P4 commands. Something like 'P4 info' gives the following:


    Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT.
    TCP connect to perforce:1666 failed.
    Temporary failure in name resolution
  • Running p4 set gives me:


    P4CONFIG=.p4config (config 'noconfig')
    P4SSLDIR=/opt/perforce/servers/master/ssl (enviro)
    P4USER=super (enviro)
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. And hey, even a "you're completely screwed" counts.