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In Topic: P4VS 2019.2.183.4280 crashes Visual Studio 2019

19 August 2019 - 08:17 PM

Hello. Apparently I did not attach a screenshot. Thanks for attaching yours showing the incorrect behavior. I'll log an issue here and if we are able to reproduce the behavior, we'll investigate a fix.

In the future you should feel free to email support about issues you encounter with our products. While it is true that unlicensed users are unable to open support cases, we appreciate any bug reports that you are able to provide.

In Topic: P4VS 2019.2.183.4280 crashes Visual Studio 2019

17 August 2019 - 10:02 PM

I'm not seeing the behavior you describe (see screenshot). I switched focus by clicking in the editor. The current selection in the Submitted Changelist Tool Window is a file, but I also did it with the changelist and it appeared the same.

We'd certainly attempt to address any defects if we are able to repro the behavior here. Could you send a screenshot and other details on your system to support@perforce.com and cc bbaffy at same? Some other details specific to Visual Studio and P4VS can be copy-pasted from Help-P4VS System Info.

In Topic: File status icons for p4exp?

16 August 2019 - 04:09 PM

Are the icons the only thing missing? Or are the menus also showing "no connection", or "not under workspace"? I'm hoping the later is true, then it should just be a case of needing to use P4CONFIG files:


If only the icons are missing for the other workspace, we may have a bug here.

In Topic: File status icons for p4exp?

15 August 2019 - 09:51 PM

It is not an issue as much as a performance concern. Which is the reason why P4V has a preference for toggling that indicator, but none of the other file state indicators. There is (or was) a way for admins to turn that option off as well. See this related to P4V performance: https://community.pe.../s/article/2878

I'll log an enhancement request for the reconcile feature as well. Thanks for your feedback.

In Topic: P4VS 2019.2.183.4280 crashes Visual Studio 2019

15 August 2019 - 07:25 PM

A patched P4VS has just been released containing a fix for this issue: