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Branched projects not bound to source control

10 April 2019 - 02:29 PM

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We're using Perforce and Visual Studio. Whenever we create a branch, some projects will not be bound to source control unless we use "Open from Source Control", but other projects work regardless. From my investigations, I know some of the things involved:
In our .csproj files, there are these settings:
  • <SccProjectName>
  • <SccLocalPath>
  • <SccAuxPath>
  • <SccProvider>
Sometimes they are all set to "SAK", sometimes not. It seems things are more likely to work if these say "SAK".
In our .sln file, there are settings for many of the projects:
  • SccLocalPath#
  • SccProjectFilePathRelativizedFromConnection#
  • SccProjectUniqueName#