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Partitioned vs readonly clients

02 November 2017 - 06:16 PM

I'm getting ready to transition my automation clients over to readonly or partitioned type. I know that the partitioned type allows submits while the readonly type does not, but what what are the drawbacks of setting up a client with type partitioned, if it is not going to make submits?

Since these clients will be created automatically (and are currently all being created via the same script), it will be easier to just make them all partitioned, even though only a few of them will need to make automated submits.

Removing followers from deleted users

05 October 2017 - 06:02 PM

We have several users that have been deleted from Perforce, but are still listed as followers in Swarm projects. How can I remove these followers whose accounts have been deleted?

Restricting access from a proxy.

26 September 2017 - 12:37 AM

I'm trying to restrict access to certain depots when the Perforce server is accessed from a specific proxy.

I have dm.proxy.protects set to 1:

> p4 configure show dm.proxy.protects
dm.proxy.protects:1 (default)

The protection rules are currently setup like this (user briand is a member of group trunk-eng):

> p4 protects -u briand //trunk/Makefile
list group * * -//...
write group trunk-eng * //trunk/...
list user * proxy- -//...

Unfortunately, when I access through the restricted proxy, I'm still getting my normal permissions. For example:

> p4 changes -m1 //trunk/Makefile
Change 54321 on 2017/08/08 by briand@briand-trunk 'Update Makefile'

Here is the corresponding log entry from the server:

2017/09/25 17:20:02 pid 5899 briand@briand-trunk [p4/2017.1/LINUX26X86_64/1534792] 'user-changes -m1 //trunk/Makefile'

I see from the log line that the server is being accessed from the restricted proxy ( and the line that I'm expecting to restrict the access is at the end of the p4 protects output. Can anyone see what I'm missing?


Basic backup/recovery question

16 February 2017 - 07:35 PM

I'm about ready to upgrade our server from the ancient 2012.1 to the current 2016.2. I've read several KB articles on backup, recovery, and upgrade (as well as several manual pages). Even so, there is one item I'm not completely clear on.

When you create a checkpoint using p4d -jc, it will also save and truncate the journal. When I'm recovering from that checkpoint using p4d -jr, do I also need to recover from the journal file too or does the checkpoint contain a complete and up to date backup of the server?


EDIT:  Just in case it wasn't clear, my intent is to stop p4d before creating the checkpoint.