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Re-connect existing folder with changes

16 August 2019 - 03:11 PM

Against best practice advice I've been doing updates to a project while it was not currently "connected" to Perforce, i.e. I had no workspace pointing to the folder.

To get back in sync with the Perforce project, I created a new workspace and used the existing folder with all it's files. When trying to sync the project, P4V refuses (as by design) to overwrite the local files that has been changed while the folder/workspace was disconnected. So far so good. However, I would have expected P4V to let me resolve all the files that had been changed during the "offline" period. Instead, it just produces a can't overwrite existing file warning for each of the files when fetching the latest revision, and when checking the file in the Workspace tree it has no icon and says not synced in your workspace. If I reconcile, P4V sees the existing files with changes as new and only allows adding. When trying to submit the add, however, P4V now knows that the file must be resolved, as it spits out the error out of date files must be resolved or reverted. Trying to manually force a resolve or re-resolve does not work.

How do I get out of this annoying situation? Thanks in advance for any help.