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SSL setup problem, can't connect from client.

01 September 2019 - 01:29 PM


Sorry if this sound like a pretty trivial problem, but I just can't seem to get ssl working.
I have perforce running on raspbian and everything works fine, but after trying to add ssl I get this error when trying to connect form the client:

SSL connect to ssl: failed .
	Remove SSL protocol prefix from P4PORT or fix the TLS settings.

Nothing fancy for the setup:

sudo mkdir /Perforce/sslkeys
sudo chmod 700 /Perforce/sslkeys
export P4PORT=ssl:
export P4SSLDIR=/Perforce/sslkeys
sudo p4d -Gc
sudo p4d -Gf

It said the certificate and fingerprints were created properly.

p4 set / p4 info after starting the server gives this:
Attached File  pi.jpg   206.26K   197 downloads

If anyone has an idea of what I'm doing wrong, that'd be super helpful!
Been trying a couple of times and pulling my hair off...