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In Topic: P4VS prompts to save VS solution every time.

13 September 2018 - 09:28 PM

I'm still seeing this in 2018.3.169.7626, installed on 9/7/18.  Was the fix ever released?

In Topic: P4VS prompts to save VS solution every time.

19 July 2018 - 10:39 PM

I am seeing the same issue.  First, when prompting to save, VS wanted to add a section like this every time at the bottom of the solution:
	GlobalSection(ExtensibilityGlobals) = postSolution
		SolutionGuid = {D3DAA774-B248-4D09-BCC5-9536C04AB3AC}
but we then checked it in with this and now it prompts to check out but the files are identical.  It seems to prompt at the time when the user first builds it.
  • P4VS version 2018.2.166.5359
  • Solution not in ignore file, marked as controlled by P4VS
  • With P4VS disabled, there is no prompt and it builds fine.
  • The file is definitely unchanged.

In Topic: "Package did not load correctly" errors on startup

19 July 2018 - 09:23 PM

My two most common workflows are opening solutions directly from the Depot Tree in P4V by double-clicking them, or opening them from the VS taskbar jump list.  For each solution (we have dozens), it seems to be a guaranteed hit if I open it from the depot tree for the "first time".  The second time, it works fine, and it seems to be always fine from the taskbar.  I don't know if there's some time limit on whether "first time" happens again, but I can basically go down the list of solutions and get it with each one right now.  I tried using Open Solution/Project in Perforce Depot... from inside VS and did not see the issue on a solution I had not opened before.

I'll send an email linking this thread and my options. :)