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"Package did not load correctly" errors on startup

19 July 2018 - 09:01 PM

All of our solutions are marked as controlled by P4VS.  When I open one in VS 2017, a large percentage of the time, I get 2 dialogs that say "The 'X' package did not load correctly." where in the first X is 'P4VsProvider' and in the second is 'Scc Display Information'.  After this, P4VS is completely inoperable until I restart Visual Studio.  If I double-click a solution in P4V, I am at the point now where I expect this to happen and I will have to open it twice.  This is incredibly frustrating.

I have tried re-installing P4VS, repairing Visual Studio, and fully uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Studio.  P4VS is version 2018.2.166.5359 and VS is Professional version 15.5.7.