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#21327 p4 ldap on CentOS7

Posted by JathavanSriram on 08 March 2017 - 08:30 PM in Administration

Hi there,
can you first try your ldap setup with the following command (try this directly on the perforce server)
  • p4 ldap -t john.doe ldapconfigname
In your case it should be "p4 ldap -t yourusername thisdomainldap".
If everything is setup correctly then you should get a prompt to enter the users password, and after correct entry you should see a "Authentication succesful" message:

Enter password:
Authentication successful.
Discovered FullName: John Doe
Discovered Email: John.Doe@fluffycat.com

That would be a first step to debug the whole thing.


#21041 Archival and Restore Workflow

Posted by JathavanSriram on 30 January 2017 - 05:21 PM in Administration

Hello everyone,
we are getting started with Perforce in our media company and need some ideas/advice on archival and restore workflows. I read most of the Forum posts on Archival already and am well aware of p4 archive, unload, restore, reload.

Still we have quite some trouble finding a simple way for our IT Operating team to handle Perforce archiving.

What we do/what we would like to achieve:

- We are working strictly project based, one project = one depot
- After the project is finished the depot including all versioned files, metadata should copy/move/... to one folder on our Isilon for LTO Archival. This should be some sort of "full depot dump" of the entire Depot including all metadata.
- The "Perforce Dump" should be self-contained, meaning it can be easily brought back on a different Perforce server including all metadata
- The entire "Perforce Depot Dump" will be written to LTO

1) What are other companies doing to practice archival of their projects? Any ideas or insights would much greatly appreciated.
2) Is Perforce actually "designed" for this type of workflow, which takes the entire metadata of a depot out of Perforce?
3) Are the software products to help with specific archival tasks in Perforce?

Thank you

#21040 Need Help With Search Bind Method

Posted by JathavanSriram on 30 January 2017 - 04:40 PM in Administration

I think your SearchBindDN is wrong, it should be the full DN to the Bind User. You are using uid=readonly in the DN, I think it should be "CN=". Try this:


I general it is a good idea to use Linux ldapsearch to check if the searches are actually working.