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#18709 Problems with configure-perforce-server.sh

Posted by saigkill on 29 September 2015 - 10:12 PM in Administration

Hello Forummembers,

i try to set up my first Perforce server on my local PC. I'm working on a Ubuntu Vivid machine, and installed the server packages from the Perforce APT-Servers.

After installing i used

sudo /opt/perforce/sbin/configure-perforce-server.sh main -p 1666 -r /usr/local/p4root -u perforceadmin -P xxxxxxxx --unicode

to configure the server.

Then i'm getting:

Please provide the following details about your desired Perforce environment:
Perforce Server root (P4ROOT) [/usr/local/p4root]:
Perforce Server unicode-mode [true]:
Perforce Server case-sensitivity [0]:
Perforce Server address (P4PORT) [1666]:
Perforce super-user login [perforceadmin]:
Perforce super-user password:
Re-enter password.
Perforce super-user password:
SSL certificates found in ssl
Server switched to Unicode mode.
Started main p4d.
p4dctl error:
main p4d: '/opt/perforce/sbin/p4d' exited with status 255.
Started 1 servers.
p4dctl error:
Not all servers started successfully.

But sadly it doesn't says what happend. I can see that it installed a main.conf in /etc/perforce/p4dctl.conf.d.

But what can be wrong?